Put on your Valentine’s Day mascara, you’re going out!

Are you still looking for the perfect location to take your beloved one to? Then take a look at the following venues!

Even in mythological times the Danes had a more practical view of romance.
Greek and Roman mythology is filled with tales of love: from Helen of Troy and Paris to Echo and Narcissus, and of course Cupid/Eros, the god of love, with his arrows of gold that could make all and sundry fall in love.

Freyja, the Norse goddess associated with love and fertility was not as traditional as her hot-blooded Greek and Roman counterparts – she was more of a liberal, modern woman. Instead of sitting around waiting for her lover to buy her a gift she went out and got it for herself.

As legend has it, Freya was out walking near the border of her kingdom when she saw some dwarves making a golden necklace that she instantly coveted. To her chagrin, however, the dwarves refused to sell it to her for any amount of treasure. As a resourceful and determined woman, eventually a deal was struck, and it was agreed that she would spend a lustful night of passion with each of the four dwarves as payment for the necklace.

Valentine’s Day will, no doubt, still see Danes receiving necklaces and having sex, but perhaps this year some of that sex might actually come from love or gratitude after receiving jewellery and other goodies, rather than as payment for it beforehand!

Get some screen time!
Feb 14, 18:00; Cinemaxx, Kalvebod Brygge 57, Cph V; 195kr; cinemaxx.dk
Cinemaxx offers you a great special for Valentine’s Day: a sneak preview of ‘La La Land’ accompanied by various goodies. You will receive a welcome drink, free popcorn and soda, a bar of Anthon Berg’s best marzipan, and a film poster of La La Land. What more could your beloved one ask for?

Get some service!
Feb 14, 17:00, 19:00 & 21:00; Hard Rock Cafe, Rådhuspladsen 45-47, Cph K; 699kr per couple; hardrock.com
The special sharing menu ‘My Heart Beats for You’ awaits for you at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. The menu offers everything that hungry couples want: a welcome drink, appetiser, main course and dessert – all to share with your love.

Getting sweaty!
Feb 18, 14:30; Hellerup Station, Ryvangs Allé 79, Hellerup; ch3.dk
Definitely one for the athletes! If you are looking for something new to celebrate Valentine’s Day, then this might be it. The Copenhagen Hash House Harriers are meeting on Saturday for a post-Valentine’s run in pink. The self-proclaimed “drinking club with a running problem” enjoys some beer and singing afterwards!

Get some salsa!
Feb 11, 18:00; Club Mambo, Vester Voldgade 85, Cph V; 250kr; salsacubana-cph.dk
Have you ever dreamt of learning how to dance salsa, or are you already a salsa lover? Then you are more than welcome at Salsa Copenhagen’s dinner and dance party. Accompanied by a three meal course, the evening will include everything you need – and of course romance!

Get some single loving!
Feb 14, 19:45-21:45; Natha Yoga Center, Nordre Fasanvej 230A, Cph; 75kr; nathayogacenter.dk
Feb 14, 19:30; Simons Acroyoga, Dansehallerne, Bohrsgade 19, Cph; 150kr; sign up:
Listen up yoga friends! You are all invited to the Valentine’s Day heart circle to open your heart with tantric exercises. And if you are single, then don’t hesitate to sign up for the special acroyoga class for singles. It will be fun!

Get some Stan and Joao time!
Feb 14, 17:30 or 20:00; Standard Jazz Club, Hotel d’Angleterre, Kongens Nytorv 34, Cph K; 1,800kr; jazz.dk/vinterjazz
The jazz duo Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto are part of the Vinterjazz Valentine’s special at the historic Hotel d’Angleterre. They will entertain you with their album ‘Bossa Nova’ at the jazz and dinner gala, which includes a three-course dinner and drinks.

Get some sweetness
Feb 14; TGI Fridays, Højbro Plads 5-7, Cph K; tgifridays.dk
TGI Fridays wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you! They are offering a free dessert for all couples– of course to share. Don’t forget to book a table to enjoy the day and deal!