Danish women quickest to have sex on the first date

This may come as surprise to many men biking home alone from the local

Ah, how empty life would be without another study from ‘relationship experts’ Victoria Milan. The company, a dating website for those looking to cheat on their partners, prides itself on having its finger on the pulse of all things sexual.

Vicky’s latest research asked 5,650 of its active female members how many nights on the town it took before they were willing to dance the horizontal tango with their date.

And Danish women came out, well, on top. Apparently it would take just 1.58 dates before they would be up for some boot-knockin’.

The 0.58 suggests the whole thing could happen right in the middle of the second date, perhaps on the table just before dessert.

Most of the women surveyed said that they had no problem with getting physical on a first date, and 62 percent said they had decided during a date that they would have sex.

Remember, this is survey of women stepping out on their mates, so they may be a bit more … willing … than the blonde you are pissing the rent money away on at the pub.

Nearly 60 percent of the women surveyed said that a hotel was their preferred location for first-date sex, while 23 percent preferred to go to their lover’s home, and 3 percent wanted to get busy at a friend’s place.

Victoria Milan founder Sigurd Vedal said the survey showed that Danes know what they want and how to get it.

“Our incredible members from Denmark love having erotic adventures and don’t waste time.”

Naughty Nordics
Of the ten countries surveyed, the women from Denmark’s Nordic neighbours dominated the top five, although France in third place managed to prevent the Scandinavians from making a clean sweep.

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Well … it does get awfully cold up here …