CPH POST launches new podcast

The CPH Postcast is the work of two audio journalists attached to the newspaper

It was the summer of 2009 when the Copenhagen Post started producing its own radio.

Or maybe it was 2008. Put it this way, it was a long time ago, even though a day doesn’t pass by when it isn’t brand new in a galaxy far, far away.

Losing with snooze news
We like to think it was so brilliant it stopped a full-scale alien invasion – tentacles on tenterhooks over what we would broadcast next. (More snooze news tended to be the answer.)

For some reason or another, Copenhagen Municipality cancelled the contract, instead investing in ‘House for Internationals’, or something like that. Like that was ever going to be a success!

Cruising with amusing musings
Anyhow, we’re back. This week, after more than 22 million light years away, CPH POST (yes, still the same company, no, no parcels) is launching its very own podcast – the CPH Postcast.

Dispensing with the snooze news, this time ‘irrelevant‘ is the name of the game.

Sorry, we meant ‘irreverent’, but as relevant to the lives of our Danish-based readers as possible, whether it’s useful news about events or lifestyle choices or general life enrichment.

The Ray and Tia show
Now, we don’t want to show off about the calibre of our two co-hosts – we’re not Americans after all.

Okay, granted, Ray Weaver is. A journalist of ours since 2012, many moons ago he worked in radio in the States, and across the Nordics, his voice is a major draw on the singer-songwriter circuit. Once heard, it’s rarely forgotten.

A little like the name Timea Hoka. No, she doesn’t play rugby for New Zealand, and yes, she also has a strong background in audio work. Truth be known, ‘Tia’ is the brains behind the operation and she’s setting her sights high for future episodes.

With the help of producer Morten Wittrock, the pair have fashioned a meaty pilot this past week. Hope you enjoy!