The Super Bowl venues lining up for your winning selection

Where are you going to touch down to watch it?

LI. No, it’s not the standard response to everything President Trump tweets, or upside down, the number of days he’s going to last in office – which will at least give him time to enjoy at least one Super Bowl as the supreme overlord, unless he decides to issue an executive order and cancel it.

The glory of Rome
The Roman numerals convey it to be 51. Yet whilst the glory of Rome has faded into the tomes and lore of history, there are remnants of the former empire that continue to pay homage to the maxim of strength, honour and magnificence.

They do battle in modern day colosseums surrounded by ravenous and unrelenting crowds. Although they wield not sword, mace nor spear, they do bear armour and their weapons are their muscled frames. The roar of the crowd pumps like a heartbeat at the sharp crack of helmet-to-helmet tackles.

Super Bowl time baby
It’s big hits, bigger plays, one-handed catches and jukes for another ten. It’s Namath with his finger in the air, Elway flying 360, Montana going 92 yards, Dyson needing one yard, Bettis bussin’ through, Lewis crunching someone, Vinatieri sealing the deal. Oh yes, indeed. They are the contemporary gladiators and aspire only to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy triumphantly into the air in the name of victory. Warriors unite! It’s Super Bowl time baby!

On Sunday February 5, the 51st Super Bowl will kick off in Houston featuring the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. It promises to be a classic and one worth seeing in company, so here’s a selection of the top venues showing the game.

So without further ado, here’s our selection of the best places in town. In compiling our selection, we’ve noticed that the Bremen Teater event is cancelled and the one at Den Glade Gris is sold out.

PARTY: Nordicbet Super Bowl Party
Cirkusbygningen,Jernbanegade 8, Cph V; 20:00; 299-999kr,
Few will dispute that Morten Andersen is the most famous Dane to ever be associated with American football, but running him a close second in this country is the former player, coach and broadcaster Claus Elming who played an instrumental role in bringing the sport to this nation’s TV screens. These days, he keeps a low profile, but he does like to come out to play on Super Bowl Day, lending the event he attends the status of being the city’s premier affair. This year, the NordicBet party at the spacious Cirkusbygningen is the one pulling out all the stops: a three-course menu (from 21:15), entertainment and competitions with top prizes (from 22:15), music by Almost AC/DC (from 22:30) and the host with the mostess, Mr Elming himself. Of course, the more you pay, the more you get.

CINEMA: Biografer Falkoner
Nordisk Film Biografer Falkoner, Sylows Allé 15, Frederiksberg; starts 22:30; 125kr
In recent years, Imperial Cinema used to put on quite a spread, but now the baton has been passed onto Nordisk Film, which is showing the game at ten of its cinemas nationwide. Only one of them is located in the Capital Region: the Biografer Falkoner in Frederiksberg. Included in the tickets price is a soda or beer.

CAFE: Hard Rock Café
Rådhuspladsen 45-47, Cph K; 22:00; 150-259kr
Enjoy live music, the company of the Rockets Cheerleaders, games and competitions, and authentic American food from a snack menu. The basic package grants you one free bottle of Bud, but why not go to town on VIP options for barely 100 kroner extra? The upgrade includes VIP lounge access, a burger before the game, nachos at half-time, unlimited popcorn and happy hour prices at the bar.

BOWLING: Lanes & Lounges
Englandsvej 337, Tårnby; 18:00; 299kr,
If bowling is your thing, then Lanes & Lounges in Tårnby is offering a great Super Bowl deal. For 299kr you get entry, free bowling for an hour (until 22:00 –  email to reserve a lane), a huge buffet (from 20:00) and a Heineken delivered personally by the merchandising girls. The menu includes nachos, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, BBQ spareribs, chilli tacos and burritos, Guacamole, nachos, coleslaw, honey-glazed chicken wings, corn on the cob, cheeseburgers, banana cream pie and brownies.

Vesterbrogade 1A, Cph V; 3262 3623
Modern American Diner (MAD) promises the biggest event of the year, but you’ll need to call them to find out more details.