Co-operation bringing more Asian visitors to Scandinavia

Tourism operators and cruise operator find a rapidly growing market

A collaboration between cruise operator DFDS and several Scandinavian tourism operators is helping Scandinavia experience a boom in visitors from Asia.

“Asians come to experience our beautiful nature, shop for unique designer items and explore our culture-filled capitals,” said Flemming Bruhn, the head of VisitDenmark.

Asians made 600,000 overnight stays in Denmark – double the number of 2010.

“The Chinese are not as accustomed to travelling as the Japanese, so they look to experience the classic attractions in Copenhagen such as the Little Mermaid, Nyhavn and Amalienborg,” said Bruhn.

DFDS is currently experiencing a large influx of Asian tourists. From 2015 to 2016, the company saw the number of its Thai and South Korean travellers grow by 46 and 33 percent respectively.

“DFDS is an attractive product because the voyage is an easy and natural way between the countries.”

Continued growth
Hancy Anna Djurhuus, the head of international markets at DFDS, said she believes that growth in the Asian segment will continue in 2017.

“We come to experience beautiful scenery that is markedly different from where we come from,” said Ivan Tang, a visitor from China who was sailing the DFDS route between Copenhagen and Oslo with his wife.

“I’m a history teacher, so the rich cultures and histories of the cities interest me. We also love trying the food, such as roast pork, herring, and fish fillet with remoulade.”

Strong co-operations
Chinese visitors account for a large number of overnight stays in Norway. Per Holte from Innovation Norway said that strong co-operations between Nordic tourism operators, and also with those based in China, are helping to bring Asians to Norway.

“Chinese tourists used to combine trips to Scandinavia with visits to Germany or France,” said Holte.

“Now, a greater number are spending their entire holiday in the Nordic countries, which benefits us all.”