Copenhagen to become capital for green transition

C40 recognises Danish capital’s efforts to become carbon-neutral by 2025

The comprehensive network of innovative cities, C40, has decided to open a new permanent office for green growth in Denmark’s capital.

The C40, which consists of mayors from 90 of the world’s biggest and most innovative cities, chose Copenhagen because it has one of the most ambitious climate plans and is well on its way to reducing its CO2 emissions to zero by 2025.

“There are great opportunities for C40 in opening an office in Copenhagen to draw on the knowledge here,” said Simon Hansen, the head of the C40 Copenhagen office.

“The city has created a wide range of green solutions in urban planning, energy, cycling infrastructure and much more, which cities all over the world want to learn from.”

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Ode to Frank
The new C40 office will be located in the BLOXHUB district of the city harbour. The area was launched by the Ministry of Industry, City Hall and the philanthropic foundation Realdania as a base for sustainable urban development.

The world’s mayors – including Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris and chair of C40 – also pointed to Copenhagen’s mayor, Frank Jensen, as a strong figure within green transition.

“Copenhagen is setting the standard for what cities can achieve in tackling climate change,” said Hidalgo.

“The leadership of my friend Lord Mayor Jensen is an inspiration to mayors across the C40 network. With a permanent C40 office in Copenhagen that leadership will continue to grow.”