Danish water tech heading to Ghana

Christian Wenande
February 8th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

Kamstrup to deliver 40,000 intelligent water meters to help alleviate the west-African nation’s supply challenges

40,000 headed for west Africa (photo: Kamstrup)

The Danish company Kamstrup has just agreed to deliver 40,000 intelligent water meters to help boost Ghana’s national water supply.

The project is the first within intelligent water measuring in Ghana and a clear sign that the tremendous water-deficiency challenges being faced on the African continent are resulting in increased demand for sustainable solutions.

“Having a status as a middle-income nation with rising urbanisation, globalisation and increased foreign investment, Ghana has seen a rise in demand for more efficient services in the private and public sectors,” said Jacob Kahl Jepsen, an exports advisor with the Danish Embassy in Accra.

“The price of water and energy has increased dramatically in recent years, and this has led to a need for streamlining and the introduction of more long-term resource-saving initiatives.”

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Brimming with opportunity
The Ghanaian decision to invest in water technology has been helped along with aid from the World Bank. The intelligent water meters will enable supply companies to detect leaks and gain the necessary information needed to locate the most serious issues in the water network.

For Kamstrup, the deal represents its first water meter agreement in west Africa, and the company sees great potential for intelligent water meters in Africa.

“We expect to see a market that will grow swiftly within the next three to five years,” said Per Trøjbo, the senior vice president at Kamstrup.

“We are closely following developments in Africa and can see great opportunities for a Danish water-tech adventure on the continent.”


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