Fire rages at state police building in Copenhagen suburb

Firefighters spent all Thursday night putting out the flames

A fire that started in the Copenhagen suburb of Glostrup at buildings that make up part of Rigspolitiet, the state police department, raged all night long before fire services extinguished it this morning.

The police indicated that technicians are now at looking into the cause of the fire, which took place at buildings on Ejby Industrivej.

“There are no indications of arson, but rather possibly something technical or an accident. The technicians will investigate closer this morning,” Peter Grønbek, a duty officer at Copenhagen’s Western Suburb Police, said according to TV2 News.

Forensics staying put
The fire comes just a few short months before Rigspolitiet’s National Forensics Centre was due to move into a new and modernised building in Glostrup.

But that move looks set to be put on ice as the inferno raged through three storeys, causing considerable fire and water damage to the building.

For now, the National Forensics Centre will remain at its headquarters on Slotsherrensvej, Vanløse so the fire will not impact its work.