Danish company paying ransom to cyber criminals

Many companies would rather pay than lose their files

A new Danish company has found a market in helping victims of digital extortion.

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Cryptounlock has assisted about 40 clients by paying ransoms to hackers who have taken control of their IT systems.

“We help people who have been affected by a ransomware attack,” Joakim Ousager, the co-owner of the company, told Metroxpress. “Typically, these companies have decided that it is less of a loss to pay the ransom than lose all of their files.”

Digital hostages
Shortly after hackers attack a company, files are often encrypted and a company cannot access its own files unless it pays the ransom. Ouster said that Cryptounlock can often remedy a problem within 25 minutes.

Although police and experts advise not paying, criminals are apparently aware that many of the victims of ransomware feel compelled to pay. A study by IBM in the US done late last year revealed that 70 percent of the affected companies paid a ransom.

Some have no choice
Security specialist Mads Nørgaard Madsen from PWC said that the auditing company recommends against giving into cyber-extortion

“We recommend not paying” he said. “Most companies can live with a small data loss.”

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“There are those customers, though, that have no alternative. If they do not have backups they are in a situation in which they cannot continue working.”