Distortion to return with minimal alterations for a change

Street festival’s first confirmed act is The Streets

Why would Distortion change a winning formula? Well, before this heads into ‘What have the Romans ever done for us’ territory, let’s remember some of its recent changes.

There was the huge amount of rubbish the municipality had to clear up when numbers ballooned by 1,000 percent over two years at the street parties.

And there was the small detail of the street party festival organiser not making much money. Attendance was disappointing at its paid entry events, and the proceeds were low.

New street party areas
But all that is history as 2017 will see Distortion return with pretty much the same schedule as last year.

Following multiple changes every year this decade as the number of street parties has shrunk from four to two, no change this year suggests stability.

Taking place between Wednesday May 31 and Sunday June 4, there will once again be two street parties: on Wednesday in Nørrebro and on Thursday in Vesterbro. One new addition will be a ‘Street Party Area’ for the wearers of the street bracelets (100kr) and weekly passes (650kr).

On each of these nights, the street parties will end at 22:00, and then the official festivities will continue at selected nightclubs as part of  Distortion Club, which will then climax at the paid entry event Distortion Ø on Friday (16:00-02:00) and Saturday (18:00-06:00) night  at Refshaleøen.

According to the organisers, Distortion Ø is particularly popular with overseas guests, who made up 35 to 40 percent of participants last year. Many take advantage of the nearby camping, which costs 200 kroner for weekly pass and is just one trip on the harbour bus away.

Among the acts already confirmed are Mike ‘The Streets’ Skinner.