Right-wing Danish party offering immigrants phoney one-way tickets home

Danskernes Parti spreading offensive flyers throughout Brøndby Strand

The extreme right-wing political group Danskernes Parti is handing out a flyer with a message to what they call ‘real Danes’ on one side and immigrants on the other.

The message to immigrants offers them a one-way ticket home to ‘Langtbortistan’.

Residents who have seen the flyer have reacted with humour, anger, incredulousness and confusion.

Daniel Carlsen, the head of Danskernes Parti, is not at all confused. He is very clear why he chose Brøndby Strand to distribute his flyers.

“The flyer is specifically directed at Brøndby Strand, because it is official that more immigrants than Danes live in the area,” Carlsen told Ekstra Bladet.

Not concerned
He said the purpose of the flyer was to focus his party’s aim at stopping non-Western immigration and begin the repatriation of people with foreign backgrounds.

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Carlsen said that he is not concerned that he is hurting the feelings of immigrants.

“We cannot think of people’s feelings,” he said. “Of course it is a shame that people have to be sent home, but it is necessary because the country is filled with strangers.”

Promoting hate
On the flip side, Carlsen and his minions are attempting to appeal to ethnic Danes by telling them that that are “giving you Denmark back”.

One resident, Esra Peker said that the flyer does nothing but promote hate

“The two sides of the flyer, one for Danes, and the other aimed at immigrants, makes it ‘them against us’,” she said.

“It promotes hate and creates a greater divide between ethnic and non-ethnic Danes.”