Bankruptcy of Danish travel company leaves customers empty-handed

Owner of bankrupt Hansen’s Travel pulls all the cash leaving nothing to meet customer requirements.

The Danish travel company Hansen Travel went belly-up last July. Immediately following the announcement, 245 customers filed lawsuits against the company asking for 2.2 million kroner in compensation for lost trips that they had prepaid for.

The disappointed customers are going to be even more disappointed to find out that there is no money to be had, according to

Every bit of cash left behind is going to the processing of the bankruptcy.

Replayed himself first
The case originally made the news after it was discovered that the owner pulled 400,000 kroner from his account one week before Hansen Travel announced its bankruptcy.

Most of the money went to pay creditors, but the owner took 70,000 kroner to repay himself for a loan that he had given the company.

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The assessor in the case said the owner should not have kept the money. The owner has agreed to repay 75,000 kroner to the estate.

However, the assessor also said that he has of yet not seen anything that would cause him to report the case to the police.