Danish store clerk attacked with liquid during latest Amager robbery

Police suspect ammonium chloride in dangerous dousing

Police suspect that ammonium chloride, known as salmiak in Denmark, was used in an attack by two masked men during a robbery at a Kiwi store in Amager in Copenhagen on Thursday night.

“We are not chemists, but we’re pretty sure it was ammonia,” Copenhagen Police spokesperson Gunnar Nørager told TV2 News.

The 28-year-old clerk was treated at a local hospital and then released.

A rash of robberies
Witnesses described one of the attackers as a 30 to 40-year-old man, about 175 cm tall, possibly an ethnic Dane, and wearing dark clothes with a bandana around his face.

The second offender was described as male, Arabic in appearance, 195 cm tall with a muscular build, wearing a red shirt, black jacket and a dark bandana over his face, and carrying a sports bag.

Police said they have talked to several witnesses, but are looking for more.

Nørager noted that there have been several robberies in Amager over the last week.