‘Fifty Shades Darker’ sees 50 percent increase in sex toy sales in Denmark

Orders for bondage ropes, whips and blindfolds have surged following the movie’s premiere

Following the release of the erotic drama ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, which in Denmark premiered on February 9, the Danes have been flocking to sex shops to get their hands on sex toys featured in the movie.

Just like the first instalment in the US trilogy, the movie has again inspired many Danes to experiment in the bedroom and play out their sexual fantasies.

According to Sinful.dk – one of the biggest online sex shops in the Nordics – the demand for BDSM sex toys, such as whips, handcuffs and bondage ropes has more than doubled in the past two weeks.

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Breaking taboos
“There is no doubt the whole ‘Fifty Shades’ universe plays a part in pushing boundaries and breaking taboos,” Henrik Hansen, the marketing director at Sinful.dk, told Metroxpress.

“We see it very clearly in the number and size of orders right now, and we have had to call in extra manpower [to help] at the store,” Henrik Hansen.

According to Hansen, BDSM products usually account for about 15 percent of total sales, but the figure has recently surged to nearly 50 percent.

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Esbjerg leads the stats
The most sought-after products include whips (79 percent increase in sales), bondage ropes (68 percent increase), blindfolds (58 percent increase), riding crops (45 percent increase) and handcuffs (41 percent increase).

However, sales in ‘more common’ sex products, such as pelvic floor balls, dildos, vibrators, lubes and massage oils, have also increased.

Based on the data from Sinful.dk, the BDSM sex toys are particularly purchased by people living in Esbjerg (225 percent increase in orders since the film’s release), followed by Hørsholm in north Zealand (187), and Rønne in Bornhlom (174).

More than half of the recent orders have been placed by women (56 percent).