Over 60 people called new Danish anti-radicalisation hotline in 2016

Lucie Rychla
February 17th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

Local info centres have been asked to follow up on 27 cases

Some 61 people have called the new Danish anti-radicalisation hotline since it started operation in February 2016.

The hotline serves family relatives, friends and others who suspect their loved ones might be drifting toward militant groups, such as the Islamic State.

Of the 61 inquiries, 27 have been forwarded to local info centres for further follow-up.

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Focus on the vulnerable
“We need the help of parents, teachers and others who discover a young person is headed in the wrong direction,” stated Anna Mee Allerslev, the deputy mayor for employment and integration in Copenhagen.

“They should immediately call our experienced staff, so we can take care of the situation.”

The hotline was established as part of the 2015 social reserve agreement that focuses on vulnerable groups in society.

It is operated by the Copenhagen Municipality in co-operation with the Aarhus Municipality and East Jutland Police.


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