Wolf kills sheep in southern Jutland

Scientists estimate four wolves are roaming wild in Denmark

A Danish sheep farmer has today found a dead sheep in one of her folds in Skærbæk in southern Jutland, which has according to the nature agency Naturstyrelsen fallen prey to a wolf.

Naturstyrelsen performed an autopsy on the dead animal on the spot and confirmed it had been attacked by a wolf.

Åse Svendsen can therefore expect to get financial reimbursement for the loss.

She has already experienced wolf attacks in the past and accordingly taken prevention measures, including the installation of wolf-secure fences and getting a sheepdog to protect her livestock.

However, the killed sheep was found outside the secure fence.

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Wolves have returned
In 2015, the Danish authorities received 41 inquiries about potential wolf attacks, while the figure fell to 27 last year.

The most recent wolf attack was reported at the end of November when five sheep were killed in Ulfborg in west Jutland.

In the last three years, the Danish state has paid out 50,200 kroner in compensation to farmers who have suffered the loss of livestock due to a wolf attack.

In 2012, a male wolf was spotted roaming wild in Denmark for the first time since 1813, when the canine species became extinct.

Scientists estimate at least four wolves have now permanently settled in the country.