Snow showers and freezing temperatures on the way to Denmark

National weather service says the holidays may be over, but winter is still hanging on

After completely cocking up a weekend forecast in which it promised clear skies and temperatures as high as 9 degrees, national weather service DMI’s latest guess is calling for cold temperatures and possibly some snow by the end of the week.

Starting off windy and somewhat warm, Monday and Tuesday will be grey, drizzly, windy and warm. Temperatures will be around 6 degrees and some of the winds could approach gale-strength along the coast of Jutland on Monday and Tuesday.

Snow? Maybe so
A new front moving in on Wednesday will again bring strong wind and some rain, with a chance of gale-force winds in some places.

A low pressure system will then move in on Thursday, and temperatures will fall. There could be snow showers and frost in the southern part of the country, depending on the timing of the arrival of the front.