Huge spike in pram thefts in Denmark

Over 600 baby carriages were stolen in Denmark last year

An overview of reported baby pram thefts across the nation’s 12 police regions has revealed a troubling development in recent years.

Over the past five years, the number of pram thefts has practically doubled from 369 reports in 2012 to over 600 in 2016.

“Over the last five years, a lot more prestige has been attached to the things we buy for our children,” Lene Kristensen, the head of customer services at online market place, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“People are investing in expensive baby prams, and unfortunately that means there is a market for stealing them and selling them off. Regrettably we often see people trying to sell stolen prams on”

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10 grand, easy
The problem was particularly obvious in east Jutland, where the number of pram thefts has increased six-fold.

The police are not aware of who is behind the many pram thefts in the Copenhagen and Aarhus regions, but the thieves typically go for the most popular pram brands like Emmaljunga and Odder.

The most exclusive makes of those brands can easily reach 10,000 kroner.