25-year-old Somali man charged with producing a bomb in Denmark

February 24th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

Police have been secretly investing the Aarhus case for four months

Charges have been filed in a bomb scare in Aarhus (photo: Stan Shebs)

A 25-year-old Somali man in Aarhus has denied charges that he was involved in the production of bombs that were found in the basement of a house in Denmark’s second largest city.

Police have been secretly investigating the case for four months.

And now the prosecution has lifted a bit of the veil.

Denies the charges
According to the charge sheet, the bomb consisted of two explosive devices of 200 grams each, fuses and a detonator.

“My client denies the charges,” said Lars Henriksen, who is defending the 25-year-old man.

He declined to further comment, and the judge in the case has decided that the hearing will be held behind closed doors.

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The defendant did admit guilt on three other counts: possession of a small knife, possession of 650 grams of cannabis and 23 ampoules of doping substances.


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