More like boing, boing!

Boeing Boeing
March 1-5, Wed-Sat 19:00, Sun 17:00; House of International Theatre, Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, Cph K; 100kr,; 90 mins

Long before No sex please we’re British, the smutty Carry On films and the Confessions series, the French had Boeing Boeing, a sex comedy set in ‘60s Paris about an airline employee juggling the flight paths of his three air hostess fiancées with the help of his maid.

Copenhagen Business School promises us that its theatre’s first ever production (translated into English of course) is “in-flight entertainment you do not want to miss out on”.

It explains where we get the term layover from. Let the bed swapping and cupboard hopping commence!

See the official trailer here: