Danish prison more expensive than luxury hotel

Vridsløselille Prison could become a refugee centre in the future

The list of dignitaries and stars who have pampered themselves in the luxurious settings at D’Angleterre Hotel in Copenhagen goes on into infinity.

But really, if they’d wanted to spend the night at an even more expensive (though perhaps not as exclusive) establishment in Denmark, they should have booked themselves in at Vridsløselille Prison in the western Copenhagen suburb of Albertslund.

The prison, which is used to solely contain foreign criminals, hosted an average of 44.8 inmates a night last year – to the tune of 3,794 kroner per inmate per night, according to the prison and probation service, Kriminalforsorgen.

In comparison, a night’s stay in a ‘Superior Guestroom’ at D’Angleterre on Kongens Nytorv will set you back about 3,250 kroner.

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Refugee centre
The high cost per prisoner in Vridsløselille Prison is down to the low number of foreign inmates being held there in combination with a low capacity utilisation of staff and buildings.

As a result, the government is considering closing down the prison in the future and using it to house newly-arrived refugees and migrants.

“The slowing surge of asylum-seekers and migrants, combined with the low number of prisoners, means the Justice Ministry is currently considering the future of Vridsløselille Prison,” said Søren Pape Poulsen, the justice minister, according to Information newspaper.

The prison was originally closed for Danish prisoners on 1 December 2015 as it was considered outdated for Danish inmates. It was later reopened to house foreign inmates when the refugee flood hit Denmark.