The mouse who scored: Tiny Danish island gets its own postcode

After 44 years, Femø has its own address again

The island of Femø – population 154 – in Smålandsfarvandet north of Lolland now has its own postcode.

After 44 years of waiting, letter-senders can stop writing ‘4930 Maribo’ on a letter or package sent to the island and instead use the new postcode, ‘4945 Femø’, which comes into effect immediately.

“They want their own identity relative to branding for tourism and for easier identification of cellular coverage,’ Dorthe Winther, the president of the small islands association Sammenslutningen af Småøer, told TV2.

“There could also be insurance benefits since there are virtually no break-ins on the island, so getting coverage might be less expensive.”

Small but mighty
Other small Danish islands like Agersø, Omø, Orø, Askø, Lilleø and Nekselø could also be given their own postal identities. Sejerø and Fejø already have their own postcodes.

Femø residents will automatically receive a new health card within the next few weeks with the new code.

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“We hope that Femø residents are happy with their new postcode,” said Lene Reipuert, the operations manager at PostNord.

“It is important that you let those that regularly send you mail know that the change has been made.”