Danish companies increasingly reporting labour shortages

Plumbers, electricians and IT consultants in high demand and short supply

The number of Danish companies reporting labour shortages is growing, according to the latest figures from Danmarks Statistik.

Plumbers, electricians and IT consultants are desperately needed, with 26 percent of all plumbing concerns saying they have experienced labour shortages over the past year. Electrical companies and IT consultants were not far behind, coming in at 25 and 24 percent respectively.

Several political parties say the problem creates bottlenecks in the Danish work market, and that recruitment should be done outside of the country to ensure there are enough qualified workers in Denmark in the coming years.

Brain drain
Other workplaces are also plagued by unfilled vacancies. Over 20 percent of all engineering contractors, consulting companies, research and other knowledge services, and specialised construction firms reported they have positions open with no-one to fill them.

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The number of vacancies in the private sector increased from 2013 to 2016. In 2013 there were, on any given day, an average of 20,000 vacancies in Denmark. In 2016, the number grew to about 30,000.