Somebody’s changing for the better

Tom Chaplin
March 10, 20:00; Koncerthuset Studie 2; 245kr

You probably know him from his days as the lead singer of the British alternative rock band Keane, who shot to fame 2004 with songs like ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ and ‘Everybody’s Changing’.

Four years on from his last tour with Keane, Chaplin has decided to take to the road again to promote his first solo album, The Wave, in which he is making his debut as a songwriter.

The result is a very personal album for which Chaplin has plunged the depths of his drug and alcohol addictions for inspiration. He entered rehab on two occasions: in 2006 and 2013, the last time Keane performed together, although they remain in regular contact and good friends. In fact, all three original members went to the same primary and secondary school.

In the song ‘Worthless Worlds’ Chaplin sings about the day he thought he was dying: “Three days later I’m fighting for breath/Death sees me look out over the edge.”

The release of the album has been a big success in the UK, with top reviews swiftly following around the world, but anything else would have been a waste. After all, he is often credited with having one of the best male voices of this century.

Keane didn’t officially split up in 2013, but it has now been four years, and if you’re experiencing cold turkey, then maybe this is the rehab you’ve been looking for.