David Davis in Copenhagen for Brexit talks

Assurances given that Danes living in the Britain will retain their rights in the aftermath of Article 50 being triggered

The UK’s Brexit minister David Davis was in Copenhagen yesterday to discuss ramifications that the UK’s future exodus from the EU will have on Danish-UK relations.

Davis met with the foreign minister Anders Samuelsen to discuss possibilities for future co-operations, including the bearing Brexit will have on Danish citizens living in the UK.

“We need to defend Danish companies and Danes in the UK,” Samuelsen said, according to Metroxpress newspaper.

“I’m sure that we’ll find our way to an agreement that benefits all parties.”

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Assurances given
According to Davis, the UK intends to guarantee the rights of Danes and other EU citizens living in the UK following Brexit and that it was a question of negotiating a good deal regarding judicial and trade issues.

The meeting came just a day after a majority of the British Parliament voted to change the Brexit law so that the government has a maximum of three months after Brexit to ensure EU citizens who live in the UK have their rights and residence permits guaranteed.

“We have clearly stated that we want a generous agreement for all EU citizens,” said Davis.

“It’s not just about being able to remain in the country, but also regarding pension, access to health care, social benefits and general welfare.”

According to the Danish confederation of industry, Dansk Industri, there is a lot at stake for Denmark when negotiations between the EU and the UK commence in the near future.

The British prime minister, Teresa May, has stated that she will trigger Brexit – via EU’s Article 50, which formally notifies the intention to withdraw from the EU – by the end of this month.

According to the Foreign Ministry, about 30,000 Danes reside in the UK.