Hey Denmark! Check your chicken!

Chicken thighs sold in Rema 1000 are marked with the wrong expiration date

Anyone who recently purchased chicken thighs at a Rema 1000 in Denmark should check the expiration date on the product.

Danpo is recalling Smagfuld Kyllingeoverlår packages sold in Rema 1000 stores across the country.

What’s a few months here or there?
The packages have been marked with the wrong expiration date: 9 June 2017.

The warning comes from Fødevarestyrelsen (DVFA), the food and drug administration, which advises that the correct expiration date should be 9 March 2017.

The DVFA warned that the thighs could spoil even before the correct use-by date, adding that the chicken should be thrown out or returned to Rema 1000.