Denmark donates millions to hunt for Syrian war criminals

New UN effort aims to build up evidence against human rights violators

The government has decided to earmark over 7 million kroner to a new UN-effort aimed at prosecuting human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity taking place in Syria.

The 7.65 million kroner will supplement the stabilisation strategy that Denmark revealed last year, according to its foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen.

“Denmark’s standpoint is clear: the people guilty of terrible human rights violations in Syria must be held responsible,” said Samuelsen.

“With the new UN effort we are sending a clear signal – to the Syrian government, among others – that these crimes will be prosecuted.”

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Paving road of justice
Bolstered with widespread international support, the new UN strategy was established in December last year. It aims to collect, store and consolidate evidence of humans rights violations and breaches of humanitarian law in Syria.

The work entails assigning individual judicial responsibility for human rights violations in connection with future court cases.

The new Danish contribution will complement Danish stabilisation efforts in Syria and Iraq – with a particular focus on dialogue and peace building.

Between 2016 and 2018, a total of 332.5 million kroner has been allocated to Denmark’s stabilisation effort in the region.