Denmark among top nations for women working abroad

Danes ranked tenth in the world by InterNations survey

According to the global expat community network InterNations, Denmark is one of the top countries in the world for women working abroad.

Denmark ranked tenth overall and fourth in the Work-Life Balance sub-category based on the survey responses of over 6,000 women.

In the other two sub-categories, it ranked 34th out of 57 countries in the Job & Career sub-category for women and 15th in the Job Security sub-category

“Across all survey respondents, men included, Denmark has the shortest full-time work week out of all the countries surveyed, with an average of 39 hours per week,” InterNations added.

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Southern Europe woe
Luxembourg topped the rankings, followed by Taiwan and Germany, while Hungary and Bahrain rounded up the top five. Australia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Norway and Denmark completed the top ten.

At the opposite of the spectrum, Greece finished rock bottom, followed by Italy, Brazil, Cyprus and Argentina.

Other notables included the UK (ranked 15th), China (19), the US (21), Russia (25), Sweden (26), France (35), Japan (37), South Korea (38), South Africa (42) and Finland (46).

The survey also showed that 46 percent of expat women listed their job or business as a reason for moving abroad, while 33 percent said they moved for their partner and 26 percent did so in search of adventure.

(photo: InterNations)