Copenhagen students do not want to go to Funen or Jutland

Cross the Great Belt for a job? Nej tak.

A survey of students at business schools and universities in Copenhagen has revealed that only one in four are ready to look for a job on Funen or in Jutland upon graduation.

As many as 71 percent said they would prefer to be in Copenhagen. A full three out of four Copenhagen students actually expressed horror at the thought of having to go to Funen or the southern part of Jutland for a job.

The students were even more repulsed at the idea of moving to northern Jutland. Only 14 percent of the students surveyed said they would head ‘up north’ for their careers.

“I have mostly focused on jobs in Copenhagen because there are very few companies in the provinces that offer jobs in my field,” Saima Mir, a student from CBS in Copenhagen, told Metroxpress.

Nobody wants to go to Odense?
It is not only Copenhagen students who want to be in the capital. The study also showed that six out of ten students from Funen and Jutland are ready to cross the bridges and head to Copenhagen.

The study was conducted in February by  CA Karrierepartner and a-kasse. Some 10,646 student members were polled. Of the 2,180 who participated, 664 were from Aarhus.