St Patrick would be proud! Copenhagen Harbour’s turned green, and just in time!

Construction work responsible for colouring, not the organisers of the feast day’s festivities

The organisers of the St Patrick’s Day festivities have finally got their way. Not content with turning the Little Mermaid green, this time they have managed to do it to the water in Copenhagen Harbour.

Or have they? While it wouldn’t be in the realms of fantasy – the organisers of events in US cities like Boston and Chicago have pulled it off – it transpires the green water of the Danish capital is an inside job.

According to Copenhagen Municipality’s Facebook page, foundation work below the water line on a new construction project at Enghave Brygge is responsible for the green hue. The work will continue until March 21.

Not dangerous
Scientists assure us this is in fact a normal consequence of nature and is in no way dangerous to humans or the environment.

Movement of sand has caused the different shades of green visible around the harbour.  In contact with light, particles of sand reflect a green shade of light.

Depending on water currents, the green shades could stick around until the sand properly settles.

So we guess other cities celebrating St Patrick’s Day this year will be green with envy.