Danish clothing brands big successes abroad

Trade organisation says increased focus on exports is lifting sales around the world

Since 2007 exports have increased by 31 percent to European Union (EU) countries. Overall, EU countries purchased Danish clothing exports worth 23 billion kroner last year, according to Danmarks Statistik. Exports to Germany alone have increased by 74 percent since 2007. Last year, over eight billion kroner worth of clothing was sent south.

Export head Michael Hillmose from industry group Dansk Mode & Textile said lack of interest from customers at home has resulted in an increased focus on exports.

“When Danes aren’t buying, it forces companies to think internationally,” Hillmose told DR Nyheder.

Companies profiting
Soya Concept in Sønderborg showed annual profits of 77 million kroner last year, a doubling over a four year period. F. Engel in Haderslev has also shown double digit profit growth.

Dansk Mode & Textile expects sales of clothing abroad to continue to grow in the coming years.