Another Dane arrested in Turkey on suspicion of terrorism offences

He is believed to have participated in the New Year massacre at the Reina nightclub

The Foreign Ministry has confirmed that another Danish citizen has been arrested in Turkey on suspicion of terrorism offences.

The 25-year-old Dane of Uzbek origin, who goes under the warrior name ‘Daniyelik Ibrahim’, is being investigated on suspicion of participating in the New Year massacre at the Reina nightclub, where 39 people were killed.

According to the Turkish newspaper Karar, the anti-terror police believe he aided in the planning phase of the terrorist attack in order to become part of an Islamic State terror cell in Istanbul.

He was allegedly sent to Turkey by one of the highest-ranking terrorists in Raqqa, Syria.

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Nationwide anti-terror raids
Two other Danish citizens have recently been arrested in the country.

One is suspected of being responsible for sending money from Europe to IS in Syria and Iraq, while the other was reportedly wounded and taken prisoner by the Sunni Islamic insurgent group Noural-Dinal-Zenki during fights in Kobanî in northern Syria and later handed over to the Turkish authorities.

Turkish security forces last month conducted a series of raids across the country and arrested hundreds of terror suspects.