Danish government to respond to Boeing lawsuit – report

Denmark expected to respond formally to aircraft manufacturer’s lawsuit in April or May

In the ongoing spat between the Defence Ministry and Boeing over the choice of the rival F-35 as its new fighter jet, DefenseNews.com reports that the attorney general will probably present a formal legal defence in April or May.

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Boeing has sued the Danish government, allegedly because it disagrees with its evaluation of the competing aircraft.

Debbie Rub, the vice president of Boeing Global Strike, explains that the company feels “the ministry’s evaluation of the candidates was fundamentally flawed and gives the wrong impression of the F/A-18 Super Hornet’s price and capabilities”.

A hornet’s nest
Boeing has requested access to all the papers in the procurement process that led to the final selection of the F-35. The Danish state has released some of the documents, but not the ones which Boeing wanted.

In a press release, Tom Bell, chief of global sales and marketing at Boeing, said that the ministry had only released “a tiny fraction” of the documents that Boeing feels that it has a right to see according to the law.

“It is absolutely vital that information on the Super Hornet’s price and capabilities is factual, correct and precise. Incorrect projections and erroneous conclusions cannot remain unchallenged,” said Bell.

While Boeing is fighting to challenge the Danish conclusions on the Super Hornet, the Defence Ministry is going ahead with the process of acquiring the F-35, and it is expected that the paperwork will be ready for submission to Parliament at the end of this year or the beginning of the next.