Danish study: older women are better mothers than younger ones

Researchers have found they are more tolerant and better at handling stress

A new Danish study conducted by researchers from Aarhus University has revealed that older women are better mothers than their younger counterparts.

In the extensive study – that included 4,700 Danish women aged 17-49 and their children – researchers examined the relationship between the women’s age and how well the kids thrive.

Developmental psychologist Dion Sommer told DR that older mothers turned out to be more authoritative and better at providing kids with a better balance of freedom and clear boundaries.

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In contrast, younger mothers tended to be more permissive in some situations, but showed less tolerance when the behaviour of their children deviated.

Sommer explained that the older the mother and father were, the more tolerant and forgiving they were, and the better they were at handling stress.

The study has also found that education and socio-economic status does not make a difference, as older women tended to be ‘better’ mothers across the board.