Taking the pulse: March aiming to unite pro-Europeans in Denmark

Pulse of Europe walk to take place on Sunday in Copenhagen

The EU has had a rough go of it lately. From the impending Brexit reality to the rise of nationalism and Euroscepticism across a number of members states, the union is facing a crossroads of sorts in terms of its future existence.

But with pro-EU sentiment waning in numerous corridors of the union, a bastion of citizenry support has arrived in the form of the Pulse of Europe movement, which is later this month organising a peaceful march in Copenhagen to encourage future European co-operation.

Organised by the Danish pro-EU organisation Europabevægelsen, the march will take place on Sunday at 14:00 – starting in front of EU headquarters in Denmark (Europahuset on Gothersgade 115) and ending when the walk arrives at the Parliament building.

“The pulse is already throbbing in Germany, France and the Netherlands – and now Denmark is joining up,” the organisers wrote on Facebook.

“Our goal is to assemble as many pro-European forces as possible for a peaceful walk to show our support for a united Europe against nationalism, populism and protectionism.”

Flags and coffee will available at the beginning of the march, but those attending are urged to bring extra flags, confetti and other fun-inducing items.

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Aarhus next week
Founded in Frankfurt in late 2016 in the wake of Brexit and rising levels of nationalism, the Pulse of Europe movement is a pro-European initiative that aims to urge EU citizens to publicly speak out in favour of a European identity in an effort to counter Euroscepticism.

It quickly spread to France and the Netherlands and hinges on people meeting up in a show of support for a united Europe across political convictions via joint solutions in the face of rising populism.

A march will also be held in Aarhus on April 30. More information about Pulse of Europe can be found here (in English).