Let this app Guide you, and you will Catch some new friends

A new, improved version of the GuideCatch mobile app is ready to launch on April 5

The Copenhagen-based company GuideCatch is on April 5 launching its new, improved mobile app, which is designed as a spontaneous social tool to connect like-minded people instantly and on demand.

GuideCatch 2.0 will be launched in Denmark, Berlin, London, Dakar (Senegal) and Accra (Ghana).

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As a stranger in Copenhagen, it’s easy to feel lonely when you don’t yet have a social network. The app has been created to change that: it enables people to meet based on shared interests such as culture, food, sport and social life – as and when they want to.

Taking the awkwardness out of meeting people
The creators stress this is not just another dating app. GuideCatch is meant to promote a genuine encounter culture – across ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

“We can’t guarantee that you will meet a new best friend, the perfect business connection or your soul mate,” concedes GuideCatch.

“But who knows? We can all take a chance at life!”

The app can also be used by exchange students, expats and tourists alike and will enable you to connect with each other, and everyone else around you, across the whole country.

The company was founded in 2016 and the team has now grown to nine members.

Further information is available at guidecatch.com.