Russian sub causing nuclear headache in Denmark

An elderly Russian nuclear submarine is to pass Denmark on its way to St Petersburg later in the year

This summer, a giant Russian typhoon-class nuclear submarine, 172 metres in length, is expected to pass Denmark.

The submarine will depart from Russia, pass Norway and then sail into the North Sea and the Skagerrak, onwards into the Baltic, where it will finally dock in St Petersberg, the Barents Observer writes.

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The sub will pass underneath the Øresund Bridge as the water is not deep enough by the Great Belt Bridge or at Flintreden.

All the preparations are underway, and now all that is needed is the signature of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

No nukes, please!
The submarine was built in 1981 and has the capacity to carry up to 20 missiles and 200 nuclear warheads at a time. However, nowadays it is used as a test platform for ballistic missiles and is based in the town of Severodvinsk in western Russia.

The age of the vessel might be cause for concern, though, according to Norwegian atomic physicist Nils Bøhmer.

“I’m worried when a 40-year-old atomic submarine with a relatively large reactor aboard sails along the Norwegian coast and into the Baltic,” he told Barents Observer.

“The authorities have to know the exact time of its voyage in order to be prepared. It is also vital to ensure there are not atomic weapons on board.”