The changing nature of time

This collaboration of CPH:DOX and Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents a group exhibition of sculptures, installations and movies that illustrate the temporary nature of time, whether it’s the past, the present or the future.

Among the exhibiting international artists are Marguerite Humeau from France, Iain Ball from the UK, Katja Novitskova from Estonia, Parker Ito from the US and 81-year-old Eduardo Terrazas from Mexico.

All their artworks touch on current change in the world: explosive population growth, rising temperatures and sea levels, automation, artificial intelligence, growing inequality, prospects of eternal life, the resurrection of animal species and mass extinction.

However, being confronted by change is nothing new. Claude Monet, for example, drew inspiration from chasing time as he tried to keep up with the changing nature of his garden. The exhibition will accordingly open with a film about Monet painting his famous waterlilies.

Welcome Too Late is a reminder that chasing time is not the solution for escaping the rapid development of the world – instead change your focus and zoom out.
From young, upcoming artists to elderly, experienced ones, this is about their attempt to not just capture one moment but bigger temporalities.

If you are interested in art dealing with change, growth and its limits, then don’t miss this exhibition!