Easter break weather in Denmark: cold, rainy and windy

Temperatures will drop below 10C

A cold front from northwest will sweep across Denmark this week and the Danes can expect cloudy and windy conditions with some rain and temperatures below 10C.

As a presage of the bleak Easter break weather, an intense thunderstorm with about 210 lightning strikes passed through the northernmost parts of Denmark Sunday night.

Rain, hail and sleet
The national weather forecaster DMI predicts the Easter week weather will be mostly cloudy with some sun spells, while rain, hail and sleet are expected on Wednesday and Maudy Thursday.

Monday will be the warmest day of the week with temperatures between 7-12 degrees, but strong cold winds from west and northwest will bring them down to max 10 degrees for most of the week.

Night temperatures will plummet to 2-5 degrees.