Mid-April Music: Don’t you forget about this

Exactly four decades on from their formation, the Glaswegian band are touring to promote a new album, Simple Minds Acoustic, presenting their most famous songs in a new format.

Since hitting the big time in 1985 with the single ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ from the soundtrack of The Breakfast Club, the band has released 17 albums and sold 60 million records worldwide.

Named after a lyric in the David Bowie song ‘The Jean Genie’, the winners of the 2016 Ivor Novello award for Outstanding Song Collection have always managed to keep a low profile and distance themselves from the excesses and pitfalls of fame – and perhaps this explains their longetivity and stamina over a career that has seen them notch up five UK number one albums, but only one number one single: ‘Belfast Child’.

Neverthless, only Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill remain from the original line-up.

April 14, 20:00; Vega; 200kr

This Danish electronic pop trio have been busy so far this year, releasing a new video for their sinle ´Even Love´and a new album called Hints. (AD)

The Wanton Bishops
April 13, 19:00; Loppen; 80kr

After their big success with their first album Sleep With The Lights On back in 2012, the Lebanese rock band are back with the release of a new EP, Nowhere Everywhere. (AD)