Today is the busiest day for grocery shopping in Denmark

Lucie Rychla
April 12th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

Danes are stocking up on traditional food products before stores close for the Easter break

Supermarkets Meny, Aldi, Fakta, Spar, Føtex Food will stay open throughout Easter (photo: Max Pixel)

Supermarkets across Denmark are likely to be crowded today as Wednesday before Easter tends to be the busiest day for grocery shopping, according to the country’s two largest supermarket chains Coop and Dansk Supermarked.

In 2015, Danes traded for 1.7 billion kroner with their credit cards in grocery stores on the day before Maudy Thursday and last year their purchases amounted to 1.6 billion kroner, reported the digital payment provider Nets.

Kasper Reggelsen, the communications manager at Dansk Supermarked, told radio P4 that today is going to be an equally busy day at their stores.

The Danes are stocking up on Easter-related products before many stores close for the Easter break.

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Easter beer and lamb
Coop’s chief analyst, Lars Aarup, confirms that customers mainly shop for eggs, shrimps, schnapps, beer, lamb meat and chocolate.

While most stores are closed, supermarkets Meny, Aldi, Fakta, Spar, Føtex Food stay open throughout Easter. Saturday is not a holiday so most shops are open as usual.

Easter festivities in Denmark include lavish family lunches (påskefrokost) with special strong beer (påskebryg) and traditional dishes consisting of lamb, eggs, salmon and herring.


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