Chocolate on Easter Sunday? At Brøndby Stadion, they prefer rats

FC Copenhagen player bombarded with rodents in city derby

Traditionally we give each other chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday, but the home fans at Brøndby Stadion had something else in store for visiting FC Copenhagen in Sunday’s New Firm derby.

Trailing 0-1, they lobbed four dead rats at FCK left back Ludwig Augustinsson as he prepared to take a corner.

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Perturbed and disgusted
The FC Copenhagen players were left perturbed by the incident, but held on to win.

“Anything else – you can deal with it, but this? It was plain disgusting,” FCK striker Andreas Cornelius told the TV channel 3+.

After that sort of surprise, it’s safe to say Kinder Eggs were in short supply on the coach journey home.

Brøndby’s management has vowed to look into the incident and ban the fans involved with the rodent throwing (see video below).