CPH Zoo to tear down iconic building

Old elephant house has stood since 1914

Copenhagen Zoo has revealed there are plans afoot to tear down one of its most iconic buildings: the famous old elephant house.

The landmark red brick building is located in the centre of the zoo right next to the new elephant house designed by the British architect Norman Foster, which was completed in 2008.

Since the opening of the new elephant house, the old building has remained empty as the zoo had been tinkering with the possibility of setting up a cafe or concert location inside it. Those ideas, however, haven’t materialised into anything concrete.

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Municipal decision
Instead the zoo wants to tear down the buildings to provide more space for an outdoor area for the new pandas – set to arrive in about two years’ time.

First erected in 1914 and designed by the architect P A Rosenkilde, the old elephant house used to offer shelter to the elephants in the zoo after dark.

The house has a conservation value of 2.0, which is high enough to warrant a municipal decision on its demolition plans.

Frederiksberg Municipality is expected to make a decision on the issue in May.