Snow to return to Denmark today

With rain also forecast it will barely be a sprinkling, although there’s a cold night in store for the whole country

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Later today it really will snow.

It might only last a couple of minutes, and there will be some sleet and rain thrown in as well.

But given the high temperatures at the end of March that encouraged us to lock our gloves and winter coats away for another year, this was the last thing we were expecting.

A movement of cold air from the Arctic is to blame. It has enveloped northern Europe, so Denmark isn’t the only country suffering today.


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Plants inside … now!
Still, the precipitation level will be minimal with only 0.4 mm of the snow/rain mix predicted for the Capital Region, although in snow terms that does amount to 4 mm.

The only regions of the country that will escape the sprinkling are southern Jutland and Fyn, while the islands south of Zealand will top-score with 0.6 mm.

Of more concern to most residents are the night-time temperatures they can expect. Across the country, thermometers will plummet below zero, ranging from -2 degrees up north to -4 in the south.

It’s a cue, therefore, to retrieve any seedlings or house plants you might have placed outside.

Pollen counts stalling
Talking of plants, if there is a silver lining, tomorrow’s frost will probably result in a substantial fall in the birch pollen count.

So far the cold weather has kept the numbers down, although yesterday’s count of 83 in the Capital Region was the highest this year, but a long way short of what we would normally expect a week into the season.

Significantly, perhaps, the pollen count in western Denmark was zero – a sign that a prolonged, stuttering season lies in store for the estimated quarter of the population who are allergic to birch pollen.

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