Denmark calls for global boot camps for women’s rights

‘SheDecides’ movement continues to gather momentum

During the World Bank’s spring summit in Washington, the issue of women’s rights once again came to the forefront of discussion as a number of delegates, organisations and members of civil societies congregated under the banner of ‘SheDecides’.

The development minister, Ulla Tørnæs, was among the representatives from 12 nations meeting to discuss specific political initiatives aimed at promoting women’s health and rights globally.

“Today,  along with out partners in developing nations, I’ve taken the initiative to set up a number of global boot camps that put family planning, secular education and women’s health and rights on the agenda,” said Tørnæs.

“I’m convinced that a closer alliance between north, south, governments, civil societies and private actors will create more knowledge, trust and mutual understanding for the idea that the whole world benefits when we invest in girls and women. I hope the new boot camps can contribute to doing that.”

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Response to GGR
Tørnæs contended that global growth and development depends on the planet’s women and girls being able to decide over their own bodies, life and freedom.

The ‘SheDecides’ movement was born earlier this year in response to the ‘Global Gag Rule’ – the US government’s aid cuts to organisations working for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in developing nations.

Denmark set aside 75 million kroner to organisations impacted by the US funding cuts, and a total of 1.3 billion kroner was collected at the ‘SheDecides’ conference in March.