Now, cycling in Copenhagen can be an even greener experience

Many cyclists use the well-known mobile App ‘I Bike CPH’ and it has now been further enhanced to help users find greener routes

Copenhagen Municipality has added functionality to the route planner of their popular mobile app ‘I Bike CPH’ so that it can find the shortest – and greenest – way to cycle from A to B.

Copenhagen has a network of inter-connected green cycle routes which criss-cross the city, avoiding the more trafficked roads. However, although 79 percent of Copenhagen’s cyclists think that it is important to have green routes away from the major arteries into town, many of them don’t actually know where these routes are.

Cycling is for everyone
That’s why a new function has been incorporated into the app.

“Copenhagen should be a cycling town with room for everyone and here the green cycle routes play a vital part because they are quieter and invite a more considerate sort of behaviour,” said Morten Kabell, deputy mayor for technical and environmental affairs.

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When cyclists choose the ‘greenest route’, as far as possible the app will guide them through parks and along the lakes, canals and minor roads so that they can slow down, relax – and just enjoy the surroundings.

More routes opening all the time
Today, the green routes cover almost 60 km and last summer, Carlsberg Route opened, taking cyclists from the main railway station to Valby station through green surroundings. Later this year, Svanemølle Route will lead cyclists from Langelinie bridge to Svanemøllen station.

Experience shows that these routes are popular with cyclists. Nørrebro Route has seen a 50 percent increase in the number of users over four years and the use of the harbour pedestrian and cycle bridge Bryggebroen has increased by 60 percent since 2010.