Danish PM launches ‘disruption committee’ initiative

Lars Løkke Rasmussen has set up a new sort of think-tank to come up with innovative solutions to future challenges facing Denmark

The term ‘disruption committee’ is one of the latest management buzz-words. In business, it covers a group of ‘outside the box’ thinkers from different disciplines, whose expertise is combined with a more traditional board of directors in the service of innovation.

The Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen has now announced the setting-up of such a committee in connection with a ‘Partnership for Denmark’s Future’.

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The partnership consists of a broad group of people from business, the workplace, innovators, academics and representatives from all walks of life.

Embracing technology
“Denmark has a bright future, with sustainable development, which makes the country richer and gives us more opportunities – and with jobs and better working environments that lead to less wear and tear on workers,” Rasmussen said.

“But if we are to reap the full rewards – and if we are to get everyone involved – then we will have to take a chance and grasp the future. We need to embrace technological progress and new digital solutions. We can only do that if the right skills are available in the job market.”

Among the named members of the committee are actor, comedian and film director Hella Joof; Esben Østergaard, the CTO of Universal Robots; Claus Jensen, the chairman of Dansk Metal; Jan Grimstrup, a shop steward at KP Komponenter; and Jan Damsgaard, a professor of digitalisation at Copenhagen Business School.