Danish luggage storage success makes the leap to London

LuggageHero might be a new name, but it hits the UK with a proven concept

The Danish startup LuggageHero, which allows short-stay tourists to drop off their luggage at local shops, has taken the jump to London.

Previously named Dropnlocal, LuggageHero gained instant success after being founded in Copenhagen just six months ago. And now it has almost immediately become one of the biggest luggage drop-off facilitators in London, with over 50 drop-off points scattered across the capital.

“LuggageHero has rethought the way luggage storage works in larger cities. Local shops have the capacity as well as the desire to welcome tourists and their luggage. We’ve tested and fine-tuned the concept over the past six months in Copenhagen, and we’re now ready for London,” said LuggageHero founder Jannik Lawaetz.

“We’ve been recruiting shops and cafes here in London with huge success over the past few months. They are really keen on the idea and the extra traffic LuggageHero will bring to their store. Being the biggest luggage storage provider already is a great accomplishment and start for us in this new and very important market.”

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Wonderful partnership
The concept is free for shops and cafes to act as drop-off points, while tourists dropping off bags pay a two euro startup fee and an additional one euro per hour that their luggage is stored. LuggageHero and the store subsequently split the profit with everything being handled online.

According to Lawaetz, the goal of the company is to eventually become Europe’s biggest luggage storage provider.

Those lofty ambitions were given a sturdy boost last week when LuggageHero signed a partnership with Wonderful Copenhagen regarding cruise ship guests arriving to the Danish capital.

Customers can book luggage storage online at: luggagehero.com.

Jannik Lawaetz (photo: LuggageHero/Peter-Emil Witt)