Denmark signs on to Safe Schools Declaration

Initiative aims to protect schools and universities in conflict zones

The government has announced that it has signed to join the Safe Schools Declaration and help protect schools and universities situated in areas of armed conflict.

The foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, said that it was imperative for Denmark to endorse children and young people being able to educate themselves in areas of strife.

“Ensuring that children and young people receive an education is often one of the areas Danish soldiers work for when deployed,” said Samuelsen.

“Our endorsement today puts political focus on education in conflicts, but it won’t change how Danish soldiers already today operate in conflict situations.”

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The Safe Schools Declaration is an intergovernmental political commitment that states have been able to endorse since 2015 and which underlines the need to protect schools and universities during armed conflict.

A number of international conventions already look to protect children against the consequences of armed conflict, and by joining the Safe Schools Declaration, Denmark helps to send a clear message that these rules must be adhered to.

Aside from Denmark, 63 other nations have signed the safe Schools Declaration, which you can read more about here (in English).