Two found guilty in Frederiksberg triple murder case

Gang beef looks to be the reason behind the killings

A court in Frederiksberg has ruled that a 34-year-old man is guilty of murdering three young men in an apartment in Frederiksberg in 2015.

Another man was found guilty of taking part in the killings, while a third man was found innocent regarding the murders, but was found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm. Sentencing in the case will occur later today.

In November 2015, Philip Leth Rasmussen (19), Mike Vinther (24) and Suhaib Jaffar (23) were shot and killed as they slept in an apartment on Christian Paulsens Vej in Frederiksberg.

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Gang beef
According to the police, all three victims were associated with a Vanløse gang, while the man found guilty of their murders is a full member of the motorcycle gang Bandidos.

Another man charged in the case was also a member of Bandidos, but he committed suicide in prison last June.

According to the court transcripts, the murders were a culmination of a conflict between a member of the Bandidos and the victims that may have taken place weeks before.